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Create a secure financial future for you and your family.

We help business owners and those thinking about retirement to create a robust financial future that they can be proud of.

Your challenges:

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You're too busy focussing on your business and don't have time to focus on your personal finances


You feel unsure about how you're going to retire & what retirement will look like

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You have concerns about how your business will look without you


You worry about running out of money in retirement


You're confused by the amount of options and jargon that is out there

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You don't know how to build personal wealth and become less dependent on your business

How we help:

As Business owners ourselves, we understand that life is busy and we have expertise working with similar business owners over a considerable period of time.

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We help you create a robust financial plan to keep you on track with your personal financial goals

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We educate you to improve your knowledge of your personal finance and help you make better choices

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We work with you to improve your habits and achieve things you never thought you would


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We make sure your money and investments work for you and are helping you to achieve your goals.

Our Process:





We establish your goals, objectives and needs and identify how we can help you


We create your financial plan and implement the recommendations from it


We meet with you regularly to ensure that your financial plan stays on track

We are a Chartered Financial Planning firm with over 40 years of experience.

We will treat you like family

We don't surprise you with hidden costs

We're on-hand to support you if you need it

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What people say about us:

Felix O'Hare & Co Ltd

"Hanna Hillen has looked after our Pension and Protection needs for over 30 years, during which time the professionalism shown and attention to detail has been exemplary."

"Hanna Hillen`s professionalism and knowledge of their industry has ensured that we have had no questions left unanswered leaving us comfortable to put our finances in their care."

"This support allows me to concentrate my efforts on the continued development and growth of my businesses with confidence that Hanna Hillen has my Financial Affairs in order."

AJ Plumbing Supplies Ltd

Group Executive Chairman
Lowe Corporation

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